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Fall Resources Round-Up

Fall resources

We are well into the fall season which is a great time for some seasonal work! I have written before about the power of engaging your students in the standards by implementing seasonal tasks. More engagement equates to higher stamina and grit with any task. So, grabbing our students’ attention with a fun, fall activity is ideal! Today, in the spirit of engaging our students in the fall season, I have a round-up of my favorite fall resources for you to use this year! These activities target the skills that your students need, while also providing some fun. Check out these fall resources for your classroom.

Fall resources

Fall Guided Reading

First up, let’s talk about my Guided Reading passages packs. All of my guided reading passage sets include everything you need to sit down and begin teaching your students in small groups. My fall passages are no exception! This resource includes passages (sold by level to best meet your students’ needs), comprehension tasks, lesson plans, and running record pages. Using these materials, you can teach a full guided reading lesson without having to stress about plans or prep work!

Fall resources

Fall Think, Draw, Write Journals

Think, Draw, Write Journals are one of my favorite fall resources! This journal comes with seasonal prompts that get students writing about the season. The journals guide students through the writing process by asking them to pause and think. This gives them time brainstorm what they want to write. Then, they can draw a quick picture of their response to the prompt. This helps build confidence in their writing skills and keeps the ideas flowing! Finally, they take what they drew and turn it into sentences!

ACS 8800

Fall I Am a Reader Passages

A newer, but engaging, product line for Fall are the ‘I Am a Reader’ passages. These passages are brief, and are designed to build confidence in your young readers. They are ideal for the emergent readers in kindergarten or even make great remediation for struggling readers in first and second grades. Students read a brief list of targeted sight words, say aloud that they are ready to read, and then read a short text! After reading the text, they pause to celebrate their achievement. Finally, they answer comprehension questions and find the sight words in the text that they had front-loaded at the beginning of the assignment!

Fall resources

Fall Digital I Am a Reader Passages

Similarly to the printable ‘I Am a Reader’ passages, these digital passages are designed to boost confidence in struggling and emergent readers. The digital sets come with the same passages, tasks, and questions. But, they also include an animated GIF to celebrate the success of your readers! This version is ideal for those who want to assign work digitally either within your literacy block, or through distance learning!

ACS 4151

Fall Close Reading Passages

If you are working on close reading in your classroom, these fall passages are the perfect addition to your instruction! Students are guided through reading one text multiple times, and the comprehension tasks get increasingly more complex with each read. You will target several skills at once with this fall resource!

Happy fall teaching, everyone!

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