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Wow! My year is well underway now with 3 weeks already gone. If you’ve stopped by our blog before you know that I can go on and on about a few things, including: Evernote, QR Codes and Close Reading…mainly because I’m totally obsessed with all three of those things and I incorporate them a whole lot into my room. Since we’ve already got 3 weeks down, I’m ready to begin Close Reading with my friends.  This year I’m introducing close reading with anchor charts that will focus on the ideas below so they can get an idea for what we’ll be doing when we close read and why we are going to be close reading all year long. It is important that both we as teachers and our students understand why there has been a big push for close reading lately.  By including all the components listed in the first pic below, we are helping our readers become deeper thinkers and getting them to rely ON THE TEXT to support their answers. 

One of the reasons I incorporate close reading into my weekly lessons is because I want my readers (even if they are struggling readers) to truly pay attention and understand the text they are hearing. By making them think more deeply about a text and listening to it repeatedly, I feel much more confident in their abilities to truly comprehend a text when reading on their own, with a partner, at home, etc. This in the end will then only make them better readers as the years go on.

Take a look at how I outline my close reading lessons for each read & reread! Our daily close reading lessons last 3 days and for about 20 minutes for each reading and responding activity.




Close reading passages and the follow up activities have been a great way for me to make sure I’m exposing my students not only to a variety of text types but also we are covering so many Common Core standards along the way!



If you are looking for some passages to use throughout the year like the examples above, please check out my passages and activities that I love using with my kindergartners and 1st graders by clicking the pictures below!

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This is everything that is included in each pack for each passage.
Thanks to i Teach, What’s Your Super Power for the graphics and Hello Jen Jones for the fonts!
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  1. Hi!
    I always do my close reading activities in small groups, but you can also do it well in a whole group shared reading type format. You can then project the passage on a Smartboard (if you have one!) so all students can see it and they can then discuss their responses with partners before discussing as a whole group. If you have a shared reading block (about 20 mins) already built into your schedule, close reading generally fits well into that time frame.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Aylin 🙂

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