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Balanced Literacy Components

There are so many parts to teaching literacy on a daily basis, it’s amazing we are able to fit it all in one day! A Balanced Literacy Framework is one key way to ensure your students are being given plenty of opportunities to make progress as readers and writers throughout the year. I think most teachers have heard of Balanced Literacy, but since there are so many components to it and specifics about each part, I wanted to put together a little explanation reference page that covers what you as the teacher can be doing for each aspect. You may even notice that you are following a Balanced Literacy model without even realizing it!
Here are the components of a Balanced Literacy Framework: 

…and here is a breakdown of what each component looks like!

Of course this is going to look slightly different based on the grade level you teach, but overall, in any elementary classroom, these are the parts you want to include in your literacy block. I’ll be back someday soon to break down each part even more in relation to how I implement them in my classroom. Hope this post helps clarify the components of Balanced Literacy for you…you can download these reference pages by clicking here or the pic below!
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Aylin Claahsen

Aylin Claahsen

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