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Tune into Technology: QR Codes

We are back for the last week of our linky and today is an extra exciting linky because we’ve got new freebies for you AND a giveaway! You can link up right here or over at iTeach1:1.  So…read on, link up, grab some freebies and enter to win!

Thanks to Megan Favre and Ashley Hughes for the fun graphics!

This week we are chatting all about something near and dear to our hearts…QR Codes! 
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Thanks to Graphics From the Pond and Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs for the graphics!
There are so many ways that you can use QR codes in the classroom- to review concepts, choose rewards, check answers, etc.  There are also plenty of fun ways to actually implement the use of them: centers, scavenger hunts, whole group, etc.  Regardless of what you do with them, all you need is one single device that has a QR code scanner on there or a whole 1:1 classroom full of devices- no matter how much tech you have, QR codes will transform the engagement level of your students! We most often use QR codes within centers where each student is scanning the QR code on the cards to check their answers after doing some work, whether it is solving a math problem, making words, etc!
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Our little friends LOVE when we do QR code centers. We either have them at a table or spread out on the floor where they can really see all the different cards that they need to match up.  They love having the chance to scan the QR codes to check their answer!

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We use QR codes all the time in all subjects for any concept and our friends get SO excited every.single.time.  We’ve done QR codes now for quite awhile and still can’t believe how excited they get each time- we love seeing how engaged they get with each center simply because they get to scan a little code! We love them because students get instant feedback.  As we are busy working with other small groups of students we know at our independent QR Code centers students are practicing the skill correctly because of the immediate answer.  It’s as if we are standing over their shoulders saying, “Oops! try that one again!”
You can see more QR codes in action in our classrooms here and here.  If you are looking for QR code resources for your class, visit Aylin’s store and Amanda’s store for some freebies and products!
As you can tell we have tons of QR code resources that we use every week in our classrooms, so of course, I had to have some sort of organization with all these.  I love the Target Dollar Spot- I get so much of my classroom storage materials there…and lots of cute notebooks and whatever else I seem to find… 🙂  But anyway, I always grab the mini (and regular size) accordion file holders to help keep me organized. I simply cut out all my center cards and stick them in the mini accordion files based on content of the cards and then I put my recording sheets in the regular size accordion files so everything is right there for me to grab for a center. I also like to put my cards on a key ring if it is something that is supposed to stay in a specific order and then stick them in the little organizers. You can check out more about storage here!
IMG 2048

IMG 1996
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We created two new freebies for you to grab to use this upcoming school year.  This first one is a great back to school “getting to know you” activity. For this, I’ll choose one friend to scan a card and either read the question or i’ll read what the question says and then everyone will write their response to the question on their recording sheet and then share their response with a partner or the whole group. Ten “getting to know you” QR code question cards are included so it’ll be a fun way to get my friends chatting with each other while learning a little bit about one another.  You can grab this freebie here!
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This next activity is to help students with subtracting tens from two digit numbers!  This is a tricky concept for first graders so I knew I had to come in equipped with an engaging ways for students to get a little extra practice!  You can grab this freebie by clicking here!  
Now enter for your chance to win some more QR code resources for your classroom! We’re teaming up with our favorite iTeach1:1 to pick one winner to fill their classroom up with QR codes this year. The winner will receive $10 to spend in all 3 of our stores!

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