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Winter Writing Freebie Friday!

Surprisingly this week went by pretty quickly even though it was our first full week in several weeks! Happy the weekend has now begun…here’s my Five for Friday!

1. We were busy using Popplet this week before writing in our journals. I love using this as a brainstorming tool and a spot to get organized before my little friends get busy writing. They also love it of course because it involves the iPad! This week they drew pictures of clothes they wear in the winter to keep warm. First they drew pictures and labeled them on Popplet and then wrote sentences in their journal while referring back to their Popplets.

2. We also did some writing to our pen pals this week to our buddies Sarah and Tamra over at First Grade Buddies. They came up with a super cute letter to fill in and my little friends’ answers really cracked me up– one little one finished the sentence “In 2014 I will learn…” with “everything.” Ha!  How cute is that? She’s got a big year ahead of her! 🙂  And this other little friend (below) wants to learn how to rock climb. Love their ideas!

3. Tabitha over at Flapjack Educational Resources made an awesome video of some great winter freebies. Both Amanda and I have a freebie highlighted in the video- she is so tech savvy and sweet- check out the video here and go grab some more freebies!

4. Here are some pics of the freebie that’s highlighted in the video!  My little friends have been practicing their blends and this freebie is perfect for getting students to actually use the blends in their writing.  They first read through the different blend card words and then wrote sentences using the different writing pages- they choose from the blends in the box to make sentences and use the blend picture cards to help identify the words, if needed. (4 different writing pages are included) You can download it here!

5. Ok this last one isn’t really school related, but I LOVE to do lists and Evernote is still my most favorite spot for lists, but I just started this to do list for home stuff this week and I just love it! I’ve been way excited to erase things each day after school as I get things done…plus it’s super cute looking! All I did was print this out, stick it in a frame and put it right on our island in the kitchen and it is just so right there in my face that it is making me get things done each day! (Dry erase markers work perfectly on it.)

Love the weekly hosts: Doodle Bugs Teaching & Teaching Blog Addict!

Freebie Fridays  

Have a great day!


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