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Favorite Halloween Read Alouds and Activities

As I’ve said before, I love that each month can be new and exciting to our little friends because of a new Holiday/seasonal theme.  Today I wanted to share some of my favorite books to read as Halloween gets closer and some fun activities that go along with the books.  I’m linking up with Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper because these are some new activities I tried this year with books that I’ve been using for several years! 

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I think I got most of these books in a Scholastic book order at some point and have used them every year since.  This year I decided to make these read alouds even more meaningful by adding new reading response activities to go with the stories.

IMG 4386

‘Spooky Hour’ is a fun book full of rhymes that I used today with my little friends.  We reviewed examples of rhymes before reading the book and then I told my friends that while I was reading today I wanted them to listen for rhyming words.  Normally, I have my students give me a thumbs up when they hear two words that rhyme, but today I had them say “Boo!” each time they heard rhyming words.  After they said “Boo!” we’d go over the two words that rhymed on that page.  Now this normally would be a little annoying, but since it’s Halloween themed and only for this book, I was okay with it! (I also emphasized that it was ONLY for this story…hopefully I won’t regret this next time we do a rhyming read aloud!) After reading the entire story, we made a list together on the board of all the different rhyming pairs they heard in the story. They also did their own rhyming sentences as a follow up where they found two words that rhymed and adding pictures to match. (For differentiation, some students made up their own words while others chose from cards.) I was also super excited because later on when we were working on our ‘making words journal’ together, and we had some rhyming words, one of my little friends said, “Hey- this is just like our spooky story!” I was so happy for the connection!

IMG 2465
IMG 2548

‘Halloween Fun’ is a quick read aloud that can be used for a variety of things- character details, story sequence, etc. I used it for practice with identifying details about characters.  I did a picture walk first and introduced them to the characters in the book. I then told them that while I was reading I wanted them to pay attention to what each character was wearing for his/her costume.  While reading the story we  stopped and added the costume next to each character’s name. After reading, each little friend chose a character and drew a picture of that character on the iPads using Skitch. They then labeled the picture with the character’s name and costume. Their creations turned out very cute!

IMG 4387

IMG 4388

IMG 4390
This is a mummy. 🙂

Next week I’ll be reading ‘Good Night Goon’ along with ‘Good Night iPad’ to my little friends and then we’ll complete a venn diagram comparing & contrasting the two books! (You could also use the original Good Night Moon for this but since we are 1:1 technology at my school I figured I might as well use the iPad version!) 🙂 The more I can get my little friends making connections among books, the better! ‘It’s Pumpkin Time’ is a great book which explains how to grow a pumpkin. We’ll be using it later this week to activate our prior knowledge about pumpkins! And ‘Shake dem Halloween Bones’ is just a great read aloud/song book!

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Aren’t Halloween read aloud books just so fun? 🙂 Thanks Holly for hosting the great weekly linky!


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