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Build a Reading Classroom with this Must Read Mentor Text!

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite read alouds for the beginning of the year that works perfectly as a mentor text because it has an important message and character to refer back to regularly when making sure you are building a reading classroom! The book is Born to Read by Judy Sierra.

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The book is about a boy named Sam who is “born to read.” The book tells this little boy’s journey as a reader- he explains how he can be anything and how he can go anywhere just by picking up a book. The book goes through all different spots where Sam is reading showing how practice makes him a good reader.  It also shows how enjoyable and rewarding reading can be when you just open up a book. 

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Sam makes lots of good points about reading in this book, but my favorite quote is from the above page when Sam says, “Readers win and winners read.” I created the poster below with a few of Sam’s great quotes that I will be sharing with my little friends after reading this book.  I plan to then hang this up on our wall in our classroom to refer back to regularly as my little friends are making progress to become great readers.  By referring back to this book and these quotes regularly, my goal is build a “reading” classroom- I want my students to love to read and see the many benefits of being readers.  Starting off the year with this also helps my little friends realize right away just how special reading is in our room (and then they’ll hear it over and over…and over again throughout the year)! 

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After reading the story and sharing this poster, I will also have my little friends fill out this page.  Using the ideas from the book, they will draw a picture/write a sentence explaining how they can be winners as readers, anyplace they can go and anything that they will be able to do as the result of being readers. 
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You can share this love of reading with your friends too– download this poster and printable right here!
Thanks to the amazing Amanda and Stacia over at Collaboration Cuties for this great weekly linky!
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  1. "Readers win and readers win."–so true. Thanks so much for sharing this text that I have not come across before–I will put it on my list of must buys. Thanks your for sharing the organizer as well!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  2. Adorable! And I love that quote, too! I think it makes a great poster!! Such cute ideas (as always)from you two! I will have to get this book. Sometimes I don't love that we go back to school so early because then I feel like I'm backtracking but I think this book can be read anytime, especially since my 4th graders have nooooooo reading stamina. I hope this can motivate them!!

    Thanks for linking up!!!
    Collaboration Cuties

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