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Back to School Reading Passages

There’s certain magic that fills the air when it’s “Back to School” time.  Book bins and classroom libraries are organized, name tags sit neatly taped on the desk, and empty cubbies await tiny backpacks to fill them.


As students and teachers both prepare to enter back into the classroom, there are some tried and true activities that are always a go-to within the first few weeks of school.  These Back to School Reading Passages are one of them!


Before we dive into what’s inside these passages, it’s important to talk about the purpose of my I am a Reader Passages.

Purpose of I am a Reader Passages

back to school I am a Reader

As educators, we know that reading can open all sorts of doors and worlds to a young mind.  But students can’t always see that right away.  It takes time for them to develop the confidence they need as a reader to actually become a reader.

If reading is a treasure box, then confidence is the key to unlocking it.  That’s exactly what these Back to School passages do for students – give them the confidence they need to see themselves as readers and life-long learners.

When students feel confident in their reading, a love and excitement for it tends to follow.  This new-found love and confidence opens the door for them to not only be independent readers, but also good readers.  

It’s in the early years where this confidence needs to be watered, encouraged, and grown.  And these Back to School I Am a Reader Passages do just that!


Who are these passages for?

These readers are designed for early and emergent readers in kindergarten.  They also work well for intervention groups in 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd grade. 


Teachers, specialists, parents, and tutors can benefit from these passages, as they can be used in a variety of capacities.

What is Included with I am Reader Passages?

back to school I am a Reader

This resource includes 10 themed passages that are all about those back to school feels and experiences.  


With each passage, students will:

  1. Practice words in isolation
  2. Make their way through the story using decoding skills
  3. Recite affirmations that will build confidence
  4. Answer comprehension questions
  5. Highlight focus words at the end of the story.

Simply print them off and use them as daily work, interventions, independent literacy centers, or even partner, or independent work once their confidence begins to strengthen.  


If you’re looking to save on copies, simply slip them into a dry erase pocket for repeated use and hang them throughout the room.


With these back to school reading passages, you’ll be in shape to start the school year off on the best foot yet.  August and September are about to look really good on you!

If you’re someone who would like to use these all year round, check out my Holiday and Seasonal bundles!

Also, if you’re looking for more Back to School ideas, check out this blog post all about Back to School Phonics activities!

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