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End of Year Ideas: Freebies and Resources

As the year truly begins to wind down for many, I’ve got a few resources and freebies that will help keep your readers engaged for the remaining weeks of school. The best part is that these are literacy rich resources, so you can feel comfortable about your readers still learning!

Freebies, first!

This is the May version of my “I See Readers Looking at Me” chart. The flowers theme makes for a happy spring vibe! Grab the free student page here and check out how to set it all up in your room! If you haven’t done this all year, no worries, now is a great time to start. It’s simple to get going, tomorrow, in your classroom!

May 2Bchart

May 2Bfreebie 2B2

Last year I did a blog post all about using my Guided Reading passages as something to send home over the summer. You can simply send home their folder of read passages from the year or give them some new ones. Either way, adding some crayons and putting it all together in a bucket for earlier readers or adding a cool pencil for older kids makes it that much more exciting for readers. Check out the blog post and free tags here! (These can also be used for whatever you give your students at the end of the year, of course!)

IMG 8604

IMG 8605

IMG 8606

IMG 8607

Useful Resources to make your life a little easier at the end of the year:

I have a few different themed Close Reading Passages packs that work well for the end of the year, depending on what themes you follow now! In each of these packs, I have five different passages: poems, non fiction and fictional text. With each passage, there is a lesson plan explaining how to conduct each day/reading, aligned graphic organizers, a sample 2nd read coding page and a student copy for marking up. I always recommend reading the passage to your students as the vocabulary etc is written at a more difficult level, to help readers really dig deep in comprehension. End of Year, Ocean Animals and Camping are all great themes for this time of year- usually matching up to whatever else you have going on in the classroom!

Check out my End of Year themed pack here:

IMG 8403

IMG 8404

Check out my Camping themed pack here:

IMG 8399

IMG 8401

 Check out my Ocean Animals themed pack here:

IMG 8402
My End of Year Think, Draw, Write prompts are also great for your last month or so of school. These are great for writers who are starting to lack motivation and need some ideas to get them going again! The writing prompts relate to the end of the year- looking ahead to summer and reflecting on the year. The pack includes both writing prompt cards that work well in a center, and a journal format where readers will draw a picture and write their sentences to match the question in that journal. 
IMG 8397

IMG 8398
Happy Reading!

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