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Quick Tips for Teaching Vocabulary in the Classroom

There are so many aspects to include in teaching literacy each and every day. One thing that should be present in each and every literacy activity is vocabulary. I personally feel like vocabulary is something that you are most likely already teaching at any given time because I find that it happens naturally as you are having discussions with your little friends. But, I also think that it needs to be explicitly done and it is important to make a big effort to include teaching vocabulary on a daily basis.

The Common Core Standards address vocabulary right away in kindergarten and continue to address them up through all the grades. The reason for that is because understanding the meaning of words majorly helps overall comprehension of text. Also, once the meaning of words are known, they will be more likely to actually be a part of everyday conversations in the classroom, on the playground, at home, etc.

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The CCSS even dedicates an entire section to Vocabulary Acquisition and Use- again, beginning in kindergarten!

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I compiled a list of quick tips that you can use to ensure you are teaching vocabulary in your classroom. As I mentioned before, you are likely already doing most of these….but here are just  a few ways to keep vocabulary study present in your daily activities!





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  1. Great tips! I couldn't agree more with teaching vocabulary ALL DAY! Once you get in the routine of it, it becomes habit for you and your students. I like to teach vocabulary with synonyms and antonyms too. And, like you, I'm a fan of student friendly definitions-not a fan of memorizing dictionary definitions. Thanks for sharing a great post!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

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