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What do good readers read?

Introducing reading at the beginning of the year is always one of my favorite things to do.  I spend a lot of days creating various anchor charts with my little friends to help get them into the reading mindset.  So far this year, we’ve just been focusing on what reading is, where we can do it, what we can read, etc, but will be getting more involved with the actual reading part soon!
My favorite lesson involves answering the question: What do good readers read? I started off this lesson by reading the story Read Anything Good Lately? by Susan Allen and Jane Lindaman. This story goes through each letter of the alphabet with something different you can read. I just bought this book this summer and it really just fits so perfectly in this lesson! Before reading the story, I told my little friends that while they are reading I wanted them to focus on different things that we can read because we were going to make a list when we were finished with the story. My main purpose with this lesson is to help my little friends realize that reading can happen anywhere and everywhere!
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After I read the story, I asked my little friends for ideas on what we can read.  They came up with a great list- some were from the story, some were not, which I thought was great because they were thinking of their own reading too!
IMG 2138

 I then pulled out different types of text- cereal box books, books, magazines, ads, environmental print, etc. I told my little friends that they would have a few minutes to read these different kinds of text- which they were super excited about- the idea of reading these different things always makes my little friends very excited about reading, which I love!

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As part of the reading activity, I had my little friends write different words/phrases they could read on their iPads.  My rule with this was that they could only write a word if they could read it.  The environmental print was very popular in their responses, because of course they can read things like Taco Bell! I was so thrilled to see how engaged they were during this activity- it warmed my heart for my little readers. 🙂

IMG 2141

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The last thing I did with this lesson was have my little friends fill out this printable with their reading favorites. Since the story also talked about different places to read, they drew pictures showing their favorite place to read, their favorite topic to read about and their favorite thing to read (iPad, cereal box, etc.).  Most of my little friends said their favorite place to read was at their house so I’m hoping it’s really true that they are reading at home in addition to our school reading time! You can grab this freebie here!

IMG 2147

IMG 2149
Tornadoes was a popular answer for what they liked to read about– not really sure why!

This lesson was super motivating for me and for my little friends to get some excitement for reading going in our classroom.  I’m linking up with the super fun Sarah and Tamra over at First Grade Buddies for their Motivate Me Monday in hopes that this will motivate you too!

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Woohoo- look at that engagement!
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Have a great day!


Aylin Claahsen

Aylin Claahsen

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  1. Thanks for linking up to share how you girls teach habits of good readers!! LOVE that book about what readers read…it is great for this lesson!! We need to get that! We also love all the environmental print ideas you gathers. We've gotten lots of good ideas for next year!

    🙂 Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  2. Thank you for sharing this book! It sounds great and I hadn't heard of it before. I love and appreciate your rule about not writing something that you can't read! I have that same rule- doesn't do any good to copy what you don't know. 🙂

  3. I can't seem to find the What do good readers read? activity page you have listed as a freebie. It would be perfect for the beginning of the year and I am really wanting it pleeeeeease?

  4. Hi!
    I'm so sorry for my delayed reply- I only just saw your comment! I just updated the link- you should be able to download it now. Otherwise, if you can't grab it that way, please email me- I'm happy to send it to you!
    Thanks so much!

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