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I love helping teachers feel more confident in their literacy instruction. Check out my FREE workshops below!

30 Minute Workshops:

Short and sweet
…but packed with an instructional punch!

1. Guided Reading for Kindergarten- 2nd Grade

Guided Reading is such an important part of a balanced literacy program. It is my favorite because of the gains that can be made for readers of all ability levels. The connections made and relationships built in each small group session help create readers for life! In this webinar, I provide the basics of Guided Reading and why you should incorporate it into your day. I explain a typical lesson, broken down into before, during and after reading. I also provide insight on how you can engage your readers during each small group meeting. Exclusive freebies are also included just for watching the webinar, including: parent communication letters explaining the levels, word work activity ideas, a blank lesson plan, teacher prompts and sample passages, lesson plans and running records. A certificate of completion is also provided for potential professional development credits for your district!


Teaching Guided Reading can be tough, but once you have a system in place to follow, it will become your favorite time of day. I want to help you make the most of your small group time with students, no matter what level the group is reading. In this webinar, I have a variety of ways to engage your students and ensure they’re making progress. Freebies, both in the digital format and printable, are included to make your Guided Reading groups run more smoothly. 


This webinar is all about incorporating Fluency activities in your daily literacy lessons. Fluency is such an important part of a developing reader that often gets overlooked. When fluency is focused on, readers improve their reading skills in a variety of ways. This webinar includes the basics of all aspects of fluency and why you should incorporate a Fluency Center in your classroom. I explain how you can include Fluency activities into your day with engaging ideas. I also include information on why and how you can track fluency progress in your readers. There are also a bunch of freebies, including: a teacher reference guide and fluency toolkit, student fluency toolkit and checklist, fluency center guidelines and reminders and sample passages and tracking pages. A certificate of completion is also provided for potential professional development credits for your district!